Frequently Asked Questions About MDHO

Who provides MDHOI services?

MDHOI is a team of registered dental hygienists (RDH) practicing under Maine Public Health Supervision Status.

Does MDHOI see MaineCare eligible recipients?

Yes! MDHOI provides dental hygiene care to qualified MaineCare recipients through the age of 18 with no co-pay required.

Who is eligible for MDHOI services?faq

  • If you do not have a dentist.
  • If you have MaineCare and have not seen a dentist in the past 12 months.
  • If you have MaineCare and have been seen by a dentist in the past 12 months because of a referral from MDHOI.

Who is not eligible for MDHOI services?

  • If your child has been seen within the last 6 months for an exam by a dentist or for a dental cleaning and fillings.
  • If your child has Maine Care coverage and a second dental coverage.
  • If your child has dental coverage other than MaineCare.

What about patient confidentiality?

Maine Dental Health Out-Reach adheres to the HIPAA Notice Of Privacy Practices in regards to patient confidentiality.

What services do you provide and how much does it cost?

Services are provided for those who qualify according to our current rate schedule. Also see our Services and Area page.

How do you get paid for your services?

We are MaineCare Providers. We are reimbursed from the Department of Health and Human Services. There are no co-pays for individuals currently having MaineCare coverage through the age of 18.

We also accept private payments.

Is Maine Dental Health Out-Reach a State-run program?

No, this is a program that was founded by Susanne J. LaVallee, RDH to meet an unmet dental need in the community where she lives. It has now expanded to 6 school systems and 36 schools.

What is a dental hygiene screening?

It is a charting of things visually found in the mouth: healthy teeth, decayed teeth, abscessed teeth, sealed teeth, filled teeth, gingivitis, etc.

Does the dental screening by a hygienist take the place of a dental examination by a dentist?

No, MDHOI recommends all students have an exam by a dentist.