About the Tooth Angels

Susanne J. LaValleesue
Susanne J. LaVallee is the Founder and President/Director of MDHO. She attended Southern Vermont College and Plymouth State College before graduating from Northeastern University – Forsyth Dental Hygiene School in 1982. She has been licensed and practiced dental hygiene in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Utah, Colorado, and Maine. She is licensed in the administration of local anesthesia in Utah and Maine. Before Maine Dental Health Out-Reach, Inc. was established Susanne worked full-time for 20 years in private practice.

In 2005, Susanne was appointed by Governor Baldacci and reappointed by now Governor LePage for her second 5-year term to sit on the Maine Board of Dental Examiners. Susanne is also a member of the North East Regional Board of Dental Examiners.


Sherry Laliberte
Sherry Laliberte moved to Monmouth from Lewiston in 1986. She graduated from Monmouth Academy in 1990 then went on to attend Westbrook College and graduated in 1993. She worked part time in Pediatric Dentistry from 1993-1994 while working on her bachelor’s degree. In 1994 she started working full time at Just For Kids Pediatric Dentistry, with Dr. Stephen Mills.

Sherry has a son age 15 and a daughter age 8 which are both involved in many activities. She tries to be at their activities as much as possible. Sherry is married to Scott Laliberte who is a State of Maine crisis worker for the Department of Mental Retardation. She loves her family, her dog and her dental hygiene career. Sherry is currently working towards gaining admission to Dental School. . 


chetChet LaVallee
Chet LaVallee is the father-in-law of Susanne J. LaVallee, the President and Director of MDHO. He has been a volunteer assistant to Susanne since 2003 in various duties as they relate to her business in serving the children who qualify under the Medicaid program.

In 2005 MDHO, a charitable organization, became a reality and Chet was elected by the directors as Secretary/Treasurer and continues to serve in that capacity.

Chet, a life long Winthrop resident, graduated from Winthrop High School and Gates Business College (now closed) in Augusta. The first job after college was in the accounting department at EBASCO SERVICES located at two Rector Street in New York city.

As the old saying goes, “You can take the boy from the country but not the country from the boy.” So, Chet came back to his roots.

Returning to Maine he worked for the State and then a local business in Winthrop both of which were very educational and stepping stones to the future.

Following the above an opportunity presented Itself to work for Depositors Trust Company (Now Key Bank) in Augusta.

He worked a very short time in bookkeeping and was then transferred to the trust department. Work assigned to him were trust, agencies and guardian accounts. At a later date he became the estate administrator. This all encompassed twenty eight years with the bank when Chet took his first retirement. At that time he was a trust officer and assistant vice president. Two months later Chet was called back to the Trust Department where he worked for another twelve years for a total of forty years. So much for his second retirement. At 86, the third retirement is somewhere in the future.

To sum up his working years Chet remarks, “It’s been a wonderful journey I’m glad I didn’t miss it,” followed by, “life has been good.”